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Weird question: what do you think of David and Gillian going to the '97 Golden Globes together? Out of all the awkward/weird moments I think that takes the cake. 1997 was the eye of the storm when all those articles were coming out and rumors were spreading that they really hated each other. So when that happened, both of them looking hot and waltzing down the red carpet holding hands, I just took that as a big FUCK YOU to the press. Thoughts?


It is great, isn’t it?? And that it was (at least according to Gillian’s “Biography” segment, and I’ve never seen it denied) in response to Gillian announcing her divorce makes it even better. I don’t know if that came at a time when they were otherwise in a good place or getting along, but it seems like a clear example of their basic loyalty and us-against-them attitude, and their ability to click into place when they have to go in public together.

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