The laugh returns when Anderson is asked to address the seemingly ongoing tabloid reports of discord between Anderson and co-star David Duchovny…

"All those reports are so insane! In terms of the pay dispute, that was all handled by the people at Fox. I don’t think there was ever more than a one minute discussion about the money between David and I. There was a story about me slamming my trailer door and not talking to David because of the salary thing, and that was just ludicrous. If I’m angry at him about the money or anything else, I’ll tell him."

"But the money thing is not about David. It’s about paying two people who are doing the same job, the same amount of money regardless of sex. It’s not David’s fault he’s making what he’s making. There’s never been a reason to take it out on him."

And the blowup with Tea Leoni? “I’m not the person who kicks somebody’s wife off the set. At the point that supposedly happened, I hadn’t even met her.”

GA, Dreamwatch, 1998

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