Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Chris Carter are sitting on a stylish red sofa installed on a platform in an otherwise virtually empty soundstage on 20th Century Fox’s LA film lot.  They’re here for the biggest on-line chat ever conducted - to be broadcast live in the US on MSNBC…

All three look completely relaxed, sitting knee to knee with Carter between his two stars.  They make small talk between themselves directed at the media. Someone walks on stage proffering small bottles of Evian water.  Without consulting each other, without even breaking the flow of conversation, all three immediately begin the seemingly unconscious task of peeling the Evian label from the bottles.  By the time the cameras roll, none will be seen to be promoting the particular brand. 

That such action is undertaken without a second thought speaks volumes about the almost limitless global appeal of these three people. Five years ago, no one could have imagined such a thing.

MSNBC chat, Neon, summer 1998

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