"You don’t have other examples of a two-person show that comes back five seasons. You have ensembles, but two-person shows explode, because it’s tough to work like that. It’s an arranged marriage. Obviously we’re not as close as Mulder and Scully. We don’t hang out. We’ve got a good working relationship. The fact that we are still doing the show speaks for itself. I feel fine going to work and seeing Gillian, and I feel fine when the day is over. We’re friendly, we’re friends, but it’s not more than that. It’s not less. It works."

David Duchovny, “Houston Chronicle,” 1998

Charlie Rose: Well, are you two close?
David Duchovny: Not personally. We’re close professionally, as can be.
CR: There’s respect and admiration as colleagues would have …
DD: She’s the other one holding the other side of the rope. I mean, I rely on her, I trust her, and she does me. We don’t …
CR: Why haven’t you bonded?
DD: Well, we have bonded in that way. […]

But it’s funny cause Téa and I, my wife, just had a little party in our new house, and it’s my first party that I’ve ever given really in my life, and Gillian came. I invited Gillian and she came. And when she came, I said, you know, this is really screwed up because I can’t, any longer, say that we don’t socialize.

'Charlie Rose,' summer 1998

"It’s like being married to somebody, but it’s like being married when Sun Myung Moon said, ‘You go with that one.’ So some days it’s great and some days it’s not. It’s a working relationship that is extremely close and has all the joys and difficulties of that."David Duchovny, Boston Globe, June 1998

"It’s like being married to somebody, but it’s like being married when Sun Myung Moon said, ‘You go with that one.’ So some days it’s great and some days it’s not. It’s a working relationship that is extremely close and has all the joys and difficulties of that."

David Duchovny, Boston Globe, June 1998

David: We had a very workable, working relationship. The reason I wanted to leave the show was because after eight years, it was enough…
Stern: I understand that. I didn’t say you left because of her.
David: Yeah, you did. I was out in the hallway when you said it.
Robin: Yeah, you did say it.
Stern: Are you really going to lie to me and tell me that Gillian Anderson is fun to work with?
David: That’s very well phrased. [all laughing] I like the way…
Stern: You liked her?
David: I like Gillian. You work with someone for so long and they become part of your life.
Robin: When was the last time you talked to her?
Stern: Yeah, be honest.
David: Well, honestly, I haven’t talked to her since I went back to do the last two episodes of the show this year. We haven’t spoken since the last day.
Stern: So, don’t you think that’s curious, that someone you work with for 8 years—
Robin: Who is a part of your life…
Stern: Who is a part of your life… Why wouldn’t you call her?
David: I treat all my family like that.

Howard Stern, 2002




Maybe having Gillian come on Californication wouldn’t be so bad…


I remember reading repeatedly that they can’t stand each other back when the x-files aired which really, really tempered my enjoyment of the show for a while because I was silly and I couldn’t help that reality permeated my fiction. …

But fear not, this very Tumblr was founded in order to let you, and all viewers, know that if Duchovny and Anderson sort of hated each other from time to time, they also sort of adored each other, and other times felt merely television-married, or at the very least, television-related. And at other times, I only slightly paraphrase, they bonded and were pansexual icon soulmates but didn’t have an interest in each other as people. I mean, who hasn’t had an intense relationship with someone which prompted them to say on record in the public eye that they had no interest in the other as a person. I feel it is really not so extreme.

But I may have been doing this blog for too long.

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"Imagine the relationships in the last five years of your life that are not contractual. They are always difficult; there are always ups and downs. The same things happen with every serious relationship as happen with people who work together every day. You are happy to live your life and do your work and go home. Just because they don’t socialize outside the workplace doesn’t mean they don’t like each other. There’s really no drama here."

Chris Carter, Neon, 1998

Duchovny strays a bit further from the party line.

"We get along as much as we have to get along - professionally. But we’re two very different kinds of people, and that’s as true today as it was at the beginning of the series. We don’t spend time together away from the set because we work very long hours together and we need to get far, far away from each other. I’m too glib and sarcastic, and I know that rubs Gillian the wrong way."

Neon, 1998

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone else when you work with David Duchovny every day?

"Oh my God. Oh dear. Let me see, what should I answer first? Is it possible? Well, obviously it’s possible to fall in love with someone else while working with David every day — and how is it working with David? 

"Well you know, sometimes we don’t see each other very much because we’re not working in the same scene. A lot of times we work together, but after working together for so long, every single day, sometime 16 hour days back to back — it’s like a brother or sister in the house. It’s like hi, bye. See ya later.

"And you know, I’ve gotten used to David and what he looks like so I’m not constantly walking by and going, oh my God, is he gorgeous — not that I ever did but, joking. You know it’s become a working relationship. We’re not best friends. We probably would not prefer to see each rather than see each other just because we have to see each other all the time and we just show up and we do the job and say goodnight."

Extra, October 1994

But even though their onscreen chemistry is there in bucketloads, it’s long been rumoured Duchovny and Anderson aren’t exactly bosom buddies offscreen. Duchovny was once quoted as saying, “I trust her to show up and not waste my time. She does the same. We don’t socialise.”

When asked whether that’s still the case, Duchovny, clearly irritated by having to defend a throwaway quote he made years ago, justifies it by saying that spending 14 hours a day, 10 months of the year on a television set “is not something any relationship can withstand.”

"That comment is not a reflection on Gillian. I mean, I’m sick of me. I have to sleep to get rid of myself. After we fell into a groove as performers, four years into it, it was always a pleasure to work together. The chemistry worked and it’s still there."

Daily Telegraph, 2008

When asked if their relationship has evolved in the last few years:

"It hasn’t. For several years now we reached a professional understanding that doesn’t extend beyond our work on the set together. There’s nothing between us beyond our work, and we’re both comfortable with that. It’s something we never think about or question."

David Duchovny, IMDB Feat’s Press, June 2000

My real-life relationship with David is very much like Mulder and Scully’s. They mostly deal with each other in regard to business. They very rarely get into each other’s personal lives. That’s sort of how David and I are. We basically do our work and go our separate ways. We don’t hang out on weekends.”

GA, Express, April 1999

More proof that Gillian has actually never seen the show?

I’ve heard that you and Gillian Anderson don’t talk to each other off of the set and that you both have assistants who make sure that you arrive on the set simultaneously.

"That’s pretty close. I’m sure if we pass each other we wouldn’t ignore each other. We don’t run from trailer to trailer to exchange the news of the day.

"We have a successful working relationship and that’s the best way to go about this job. Otherwise we’d hate each other by now.”

David Duchovny, April 2000

“We have a comfortable working relationship. We’ve worked together closely for seven years. There’s definitely a friendship.”

David Duchovny, Cosmopolitan, April 2000

"David and I have a good working relationship. We come to work and we do the work on some days, and on other days, we goof around and have a laugh," she says. "We have a good camaraderie."

Starlog, Dec 1996 

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