This video chat interview was a part of the press for FtF, and the video is the most awkward thing I have encountered in all my days of old-interview-collecting. I have to have it on my hard drive somewhere, but I’m still looking for it.

28. Talking to David for the very first time outside the audition as he chatted up the girls and commenting on the fact that I was from N.Y. and not really meaning FROM FROM but the disappointment which flashed across his face when I qualified that I had only actually lived there a couple years. He moved on to someone else.

Gillian Anderson’s top 30 memories of the series (2002)

Remember I told you before about that uber awkward video of a talk-show-chat they did to promote FtF?

I fouuunnnd it.

Until February 2008, this was the only video I had ever seen of David and Gillian in the same room interacting for more than two or three seconds - minus one or two behind-the-scenes clips. I was really curious how they would do this time around, talking about TXF and their characters, because David’s reluctance to talk about any of that is just palpable in this old clip.

Then Wondercon happened and CHANGED OUR LIVES FOR EVER.

"On the one hand, it felt incredibly familiar, and kind of melancholy and wistful and sweet in some way… and in other ways it felt strange and awkward, like I was an impostor somehow, in this other world.

"And still [once we got going], sometimes it felt awkward and stuff. It’s weird — it’s one thing to do a reading when you don’t know the other actors in the room and you can just dive in as an actor and you know, get to the intimate parts, and feel separate somehow. It gives you this kind of false sense of strength, just the fact that nobody really knows each other and you’re just there as an actor. And there’s something about knowing people and getting to that intimate place that makes it more, kind of, awkward, and you can get quite giggly and childish. [laughing] It’s just, it’s like “oooh!” when you’re five again.”

GA on the table read, Washington Post phone interview, July 2008

Considering men, she says, “I have, I think, in the past, always gone towards dangerous characters.” She pauses. “But I have to honestly say I am over that. I am definitely, definitely over that.”

Dangerous men? Anderson says, “There’s something unpredictable about being with somebody who is, quote unquote, dangerous. They don’t quite give you enough attention, they don’t quite give you enough love. You’re never quite good enough. And if that’s how you’re used to feeling as a child, then that feels very comfortable for you in that kind of relationship.”

I wonder if Duchovny is the sort of guy Anderson likes. Is he dangerous? “I think David’s dangerous,” she says.

How? “I just think he is. I think he would have been my type before, yes. Mmm hmm. When I found that type appealing.”

Observer, February 1999

Howard Stern, June 16, 1998

STERN:   Yeah, I mean — Is she uptight, or what, man?
ROBIN:  (indignant) Nooo!
DD:  No.
STERN:   Did you ever have sex with her before you were married to Tea.
DD:   No.
STERN:  You didn’t?
DD:   No.
STERN:   No desire, right?
DD:  Well, no, I —- get outta here… (realizing there is no good answer)
STERN:  There’s something nonsexual about her, right?
DD:  Uh…
ROBIN:  (laughing)  Well she PLAYS that, Howard.
DD:   Yes… she’s just a good actress —- 
STERN:  Well I saw her on Rosie O’Donnell and she was playing that right there on Rosie O’Donnell, too.
ROBIN:  Well, maybe she’s just stuck in her role. But I understand she used to be like a punk kid, or something.
DD:   That’s the story.
STERN:  Oh, that’s what she’s saying to be cool.
DD:  That’s the story.
STERN:   Ever feel her up? Or anything?
DD:  No.
STERN:  Nothing.
DD:  Not intentionally.
STERN:  I mean she’s cute but —-
DD:   I mean sometimes we’re doing a scene and I slip —-
STERN: (laughs)  And your hand lands on her breast.
ROBIN:  (laughs)  And your hand goes somewhere.
DD:   Yeah.
ROBIN:   Well, she’s had a wild time on that show. Hasn’t she like, hooked up with some guys and sorta gotten into trouble?
DD:   On the show?
STERN:  What?  Banging guys?
ROBIN:  Well, not as the character, in her personal life, she’s sort of— one of those co-stars or something on the TV show —-
STERN:  Cause she was banging him?
ROBIN:   —wound up in jail or something, didn’t he?
DD:   Is that right?
ROBIN:  Oh, stop it, David.
STERN:  You don’t know anything?
DD:  I don’t.  I don’t care.

- Howard Stern, June 16 1998

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