"You don’t have other examples of a two-person show that comes back five seasons. You have ensembles, but two-person shows explode, because it’s tough to work like that. It’s an arranged marriage. Obviously we’re not as close as Mulder and Scully. We don’t hang out. We’ve got a good working relationship. The fact that we are still doing the show speaks for itself. I feel fine going to work and seeing Gillian, and I feel fine when the day is over. We’re friendly, we’re friends, but it’s not more than that. It’s not less. It works."

David Duchovny, “Houston Chronicle,” 1998

US: David and Tea Leoni recently got married. Were you surprised?

GILLIAN: I was and I wasn’t. At that point, I’d met Tea once and I knew just by the way they were together that there was something different about the relationship than there’d been with the previous girlfriend.

So when I heard, I wasn’t surprised they got married. But I was sort of surprised that he didn’t tell me first. But I don’t tell him stuff, either. I mean, he’s a friend, and I care about him. And once in a while we share intimate information. Basically, we just work together.

What I also didn’t expect is that he called me from New York when he was making his “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” calls.

US: How many calls do you think he made before he got around to you?

GILLIAN: I wouldn’t venture to guess. [laughs]

- US Magazine, Oct 1998

Is it really possible to fall in love with someone else when you work with David Duchovny every day?

"Oh my God. Oh dear. Let me see, what should I answer first? Is it possible? Well, obviously it’s possible to fall in love with someone else while working with David every day — and how is it working with David? 

"Well you know, sometimes we don’t see each other very much because we’re not working in the same scene. A lot of times we work together, but after working together for so long, every single day, sometime 16 hour days back to back — it’s like a brother or sister in the house. It’s like hi, bye. See ya later.

"And you know, I’ve gotten used to David and what he looks like so I’m not constantly walking by and going, oh my God, is he gorgeous — not that I ever did but, joking. You know it’s become a working relationship. We’re not best friends. We probably would not prefer to see each rather than see each other just because we have to see each other all the time and we just show up and we do the job and say goodnight."

Extra, October 1994

"It’s always been fine. We’re just not Mulder and Scully. We’re not going to lay our lives down for each other, yet we do like each other."

DD, E! Online, April 2000

“We spend so much time together that it’s like we’re married. I would hope that a marriage was a little more intimate than our relationship. We have a strong working relationship, but our private relationship isn’t very strong. We share some things sometimes with each other, but we have that separate outlet through other people in our lives.”

Gillian Anderson, Houston Chronicle, 1998

"We work well together and then go our separate ways. We do not socialize, any more than two people at work socialize. Sometimes we have a lot of fun together in front of the cameras; at other times, it is a matter of just surviving. I hardly have enough time for my family and real friends, without spending much time in his company."

Gillian Anderson, UK Cable Guide, Aug 1999

Neil in Victoria (11 years old) asks if Gillian and David Duchovny are good friends off the screen?

GA: “It’s a lot of work to work with someone as intensely as we do on a daily basis. Our relationship shifts and changes, and on the weekends we don’t hang out because we’re sick of seeing each other all week!”

CBC Radio Interview, Nov 1994 

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